Kybele Films is an award winning company engaged in production of fiction films, documentaries, music videos, multimedia projects and commercials. Established in Toronto, Canada, the company now functions in Canada, Turkey and recently in Czech Republic. Currently, Kybele is in post production of REFLECTIONS OF INVISIBLE, a feature length music documentary and feature length films: EYES OF DREAMS, a psychological drama, BROKEN EGGS, a Sci-Fi/drama and SHEHNAME, an epic drama.

Kybele Films focuses to be acknowledged as a leader in the production of original content and timeless stories that truly respect diversity, human dignity, equality, consciousness and spirituality and honor these principles around the world trying to create a difference..

Kybele Films is committed to entertaining worldwide 

audiences through intelligent and enlightening stories 

ranging from adaptations to originals in different genres. 

Placing human psyche in the middle of the universe and 

combining multiple elements with a unique creativity and 

diversity, Kybele creates a world that transcends borders 

aesthetically and conceptually. 
Kybele Films