Murat Guvenc manages production development slate of Kybele Films as a writer and producer since 2002. 
He wrote and produced ‘Hungarian Salami and completed screenplays "Broken Eggs", a sci-fi/drama 
and "Gob Nabu", an action comedy for Kybele Films. He is currently working on his feature screenplay
'Eyes of Dreams', a psychological drama about a man who battles his Shamanistic powers as he 
strives to find meaning in his life. Eyes of Dreams is planned to go in production in 2010 Winter. 
Murat has been writing theater plays and fairy tales since 1996, which the latter he collected them
under the title "Bedside Tales of Sultan". Murat is currently working on his cook book, an ancient 
journey to Mediterranean in search for pleasure, joy and flavor. The book will be ready for 
print in 2010 Fall.