Toronto based writer, director and producer Sibel Guvenc oversees the development, financing 
and production of feature films and TV series for Kybele Films. She recently co-wrote, directed and 
produced Hungarian Salami’, nominated for Best Comedy at 60th Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards. 
In 2006, Sibel received Best Cinematography in New York and Bronze Award in Houston with her film
 In the Penal Colony based on a Franz Kafka short story. In 2005, she received Best Abstract Film in 
Toronto with ‘Palette’. An honor graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design, Sibel directed and 
produced short films and videos that are internationally screened and awarded at numerous events. 
She has been recently awarded a director's chair position in the 2007 session of The Women in the 
Director's Chair Workshop in Banff. She is currently developing her features Broken Eggs, a Sci-fi/drama, 
God Nabu, a comedy and Eyes of Dreams, a psychological thriller. 
For more information, you can check Kybele Films News.